Culture Software Leader, Humantelligence, Named a Top South Florida Start-up by The Miami Herald

MIAMI, FL— May 17, 2021Humantelligence, a pioneer in self-assessment, recruitment, and culture management SaaS technology, won second place in the Miami Herald Startup Pitch Competition, South Florida’s oldest entrepreneurship challenge, this week. Judges for the competition included leading technology founders, Jon Oringer of Shutterstock and Jim McKelvey of Square, as well as top executives from the venture capital accelerator, 500 Startups.


Recognized for its transformational HR platform, which includes a psychometric-based self-assessment as well as recruitment and culture management modules, Humantelligence received some of the highest marks, among the more than 500 start-ups that applied, for its unique ability to help companies of all sizes measure, manage and hire for culture.


Humantelligence, a start-up of 12 employees based in Miami, has developed the only cloud-based culture management platform that can accurately measure a team or entire organizational culture in less than a week. The platform uses AI and a psychometric-based assessment to evaluate the 28 most important traits in individuals, so leaders have insight into the dominant behaviors, motivators, and work energizers for a team. With this data, a company can measure its current culture, set and align a target culture to its strategic goals, and hire or make changes to fill gaps. Humantelligence is the only platform that can produce a data-based culture identity in less than a week — team by team as well as by division, function and even up to a CEO-level dashboard.


As a result, companies using Humantelligence have been able to streamline recruitment inefficiencies by up to 80%, reduce turnover costs by 20%, eliminate subjectivity and bias, and build more engaged and diverse teams. 


“We’re honored to be recognized by The Miami Herald for our work in helping better align employees and companies. It’s no longer sufficient to assess candidates or make personnel changes based only on skills, knowledge, and experiences. This only gives you 30% accuracy of predictive success — the other 70% is based on emotional intelligence (EQ). That’s what we do,” said Humantelligence’s CEO Juan Betancourt. 


“We go deeper with culture fit, and Humantelligence’s culture solution can help organizations measure the behaviors, motivators, and work styles of employees in just 12 minutes — something that often takes an hour or more with other assessments and requires analysis by external consultants. Ultimately, you can leverage these insights to gain a more holistic view of your organization’s or team’s identity and make the kind of changes that transform culture and drive growth.”

“It’s a privilege to serve our Miami community and the HR industry, because we know that when people better understand their success factors and are more deeply engaged in their work, organizations reduce turnover, improve productivity, and strengthen culture. For employees, they’re happier and more engaged, achieving their highest vibration. It’s a win-win for everyone.”


As a global provider of CaaS (Culture-as-a-Service) solutions in the areas of individual and team assessment, recruitment, learning & development, and employee engagement, Humantelligence serves hundreds of organizations in developing an intentional approach to building culture based on data they can trust — including Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages, BASF, Honda, Ashley Furniture, Lyft, Merck, Bank of the West, and King’s Hawaiian.


The annual Miami Herald Start-up Pitch Competition recognizes some of the most innovative companies and seeks to increase exposure for young start-ups. To read more visit,


About Humantelligence

Humantelligence is the leading cloud-based platform for the accurate measurement of culture at the team and organizational levels. HT has the quickest, most comprehensive self-assessment that measures behaviors, motivators, and work energizers so that leaders have the culture and talent intelligence needed to measure, manage, and hire for fit, optimize collaboration while reducing turnover, and build engaged high-performing teams across the organization. For a free consultation, visit



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