Why did I join Humantelligence?

Humantelligence grabbed my attention for its uniqueness, data aggregation, disruptive power, versatility yet simplicity quickly evident to me. A 20+ year career within Human Capital informing that decision.

Humantelligence solves for many, if not all, of the HR issues that have dogged businesses for decades. If there was ever a time to solve for those and have high performance yet employee wellbeing co-exist it is now. Humantelligence can provide even the most non-analytic mind with the insights and answers they will need to bring people together, drive performance and generally make the workplace a better place to be.

I have been lucky enough to see the delight and intrigue the insights Humantelligence has brought to individuals and teams and to be party of some intellectually intriguing and profound studies of the workplace.

More about Wendy

As an ‘army brat’ moving from place to place with my family throughout the 70’s, and working internationally during my career I would have loved to have the relationship insights that Humantelligence brings. In essence, fast-tracking my learning of people and adaptation to differing cultures.

I am a strong advocate of positive psychology and staunch believer in sharing insights and learnings with others so that they too can benefit from those ‘a-ha’ moments that I wished I’d had so much earlier in my career.

Whilst having enjoyed amazing roles with the likes of the BBC, Gap Inc and Goldman Sachs I could no doubt be described as a people and culture analytics nerd.

Wendy's Humantelligence Results

Scholar Persona

Scholar (40%)

Wendy does her homework and has a high degree of curiosity about many areas. She enjoys learning for learning’s sake, and is competent in the things she chooses to do.

Promoter Persona


Wendy is very outgoing and meets new people in a warm and socially assertive way. She has an ability to speak with poise and confidence to groups of any size.

Maverick Persona

Maverick (27%)

Wendy follows a deep personal sense of direction and challenges existing methods. She suggests new ways of doing things to increase effectiveness. She sees the big picture and communicates it to others.

Success Statement

I am motivated by Freedom and Knowledge, I work in Outgoing and Spontaneous ways, and my ideal work allows for Variety and Structure.

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