Rowin Hernandez

Mobile Developer Lead

Why did I join Humantelligence?

Rowin works as a full-stack developer, taking care of the front-end platform with react and react-native. In addition, his work develops new ideas for our users to make the most of both the mobile application and our website.

Rowin has six years of experience in web development with different types of languages: Ruby, Javascript, Typescript, Java, Koltlin, C, among others. A fundamental part of their knowledge has been founded through self-learning.

Rowin has had the opportunity to work in several important tourism projects, as well as personal and business projects, in which he has worked professionally developing APIs, data modeling, UI and UX, among others.

More about Robin

Humantelligence simply goes a step further. It has advanced technology that simplifies many aspects of our interpersonal relationships. In addition to helping us to build a good workspace with the right people, it helps us to know each other and discover interesting affinities with those around us.

Humantelligence does't base its evaluations on simple tests, it goes beyond that and uses science to promote each of its objectives. For that reason and more I decided to join Humantelligence, because it's not a common project, it's an important advance, a tool that gives a new meaning to our culture, helping us to make the most of our talent, virtues and qualities.

Robin's Humantelligence Results

Curious Persona

Perfectionist (36%)

I have a keen sense of quality control and detail orientation. I like things to be done the right way the first time, and by the book.

Thinker Persona

Scholar (32%)

I do my homework and have a high degree of curiosity about many areas. I enjoy learning for learning’s sake, and I am competent in the things I choose to do.

Maverick Persona

Harmonizer (32%)

I am a strong stabilizing force on the team during high-pressure projects. I am a great team player and support the cause without carrying hidden agendas.

Success Statement

I am motivated by Knowledge and Supporting, I work in Cautious and Reflective ways, and my ideal work allows for Variety and Structure.

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