Robin Hernandez

Infrastructure Lead

Why did I join Humantelligence?

When I presented the Humantelligence Self-Assessment, I knew that this company had built something that will change the way recruiting is done right now, turning it into a more efficient process. I got really excited with the platform, and all the challenges that I get to work on. I know this can be a very complex project, but I've set myself the goal to bring all my experience to make this platform the very best we can deliver to our clients. I was confident that by the moment I got here, it was the best time to join, and that I have so much to bring to the table in order to grow this company and its technology. I'm pretty sold on the vision of changing lives and relationships with our work.

More about Robin

More than 30 years of experience working in Software Development and Infrastructure projects. 17 years working with Microsoft technology, 15 years with Open Source solutions. He has developed platforms for the tourism industry, for hotels, for car rentals, Salesforce, and even games. He has participated in producing about 10 different mobile applications based on Java, Swift, Ionic and recently React Native. He has also been an instructor of Microsoft Services and Ethical Hacking.

Robin's Humantelligence Results

Curious Persona

Scholar (50%)

Robin does his homework and has a high degree of curiosity about many areas. He enjoys learning for learning’s sake, and is competent in the things he chooses to do.

Thinker Persona

Thinker (32%)

Robin meets new people in a reserved, polite, and quiet way. He prefers a logical approach to transactions, and remains cool, calm, and collected in most business situations.

Maverick Persona

Maverick (18%)

Robin follows a deep personal sense of direction, and challenges existing methods. He can suggest new ways of doing things for increased effectiveness. He sees the big picture and communicate it to others.

Success Statement

I am motivated by Knowledge and Helping, I work in Reflective and Cautious ways, and my ideal work allows for Working with Facts and Structure.

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