Michael Kellogg

Account Development Specialist

Why did I join Humantelligence?

I joined the HT Team for one simple reason, I believe in the product. I have wanted to get into sales for a long time but it only made sense to move to HT because of how it benefits the world in building greater relationships and understanding of your peers. Coming from a very large company, it was obvious how beneficial Humantelligence can be not only for overall cooperate culture but at the team level especially. I love the team at Humantelligence and had a chance to meet everyone in person before starting, which solidified my belief in the vision for HT.

More about Charles

Mike comes from an experienced background in client services. From Des Moines, IA originally, Mike worked for Perishable Distributors of Iowa in many different departments, from Warehouse Safety Trainer to Transportation Dispatcher. While working with PDI, Mike developed a passion for speaking and building relationships with customers and colleagues. Mike then moved his talents to Wells Fargo in the Des Moines area, servicing accounts in the clients services department where he was groomed into underwriting. Moving forward at Wells Fargo, Mike developed an interest in sales. Now, with Humantelligence, Mike strives to build great relationships and serve his clients with integrity and great customer service.

Michael's Humantelligence Results

Team Player Persona

Team Player (43%)

I follow through on projects and can be relied on to support the team's goals. I enjoy working with others in a team setting, without demanding the spotlight.

Dealmaker Persona


I am a competitive player and have a bottom-line orientation toward money. I like practical solutions, and I don’t like getting bogged down in activities that aren’t profitable.

Thinker Persona

Thinker (22%)

I meet new people in a reserved, polite, and quiet way. I prefer a logical approach to transactions, and I remain cool, calm, and collected in most business situations.

Success Statement

I am motivated by Belonging and Financial Security , I work in Reflective and Decisive ways, and my ideal work allows for Structure and Variety.

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