Kader Bouakil


Why did I join Humantelligence?

My experience in helping individuals and companies over many years has been paved with regular frustrations. Despite good products and great individuality, some companies are not able to realize important or sometimes vital business opportunities.

When I looked at the elements that made those failures, the relationship between the individuals within the companies were frequently an important element explaining the issues.

When I started working on company values and cultures, I met the powerful tool of Humantelligence and how it can impact and contribute to self-awareness and engage the companies in a virtuous circle when it comes to hiring efficiently or understanding the true culture and values of a team and its members.

Humantelligence brings an easy and accessible way of quickly delivering results that anyone can understand themselves and truly emphasize who we are and how we can best interface with each other.

If you want to cultivate a healthy team, minimize your turnover and increase your productivity, Humantelligence can be your strategic tool.

About Kader

Born in the Ardennes in the north east of France and strongly attached to his Algerian Berber roots, Kader developed an early sensitivity to the multi-cultural aspect of international business and relationships. He speaks fluent French, English, German, Berber and Arabic. Kader has lived in France, Dubai and Algeria and is now based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

After a successful career in the aviation, aerospace and defence sector, he established his own consulting company to offer his expertise and experience to companies targeting development in the Middle East and African market.

Additionally, with a strong desire to help leaders, managers and organisations to reach their goals, he is motivated to offer his coaching skills, utilising very effective methods and tools (including Equine assistance and emotional intelligence, amongst others).

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