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CEO Rensi Consulting Former CEO McDonald's Former CEO Famous Dave's

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More about Ed

Ed retired from his role as President and CEO of McDonald’s USA, and currently serves as an executive consultant to McDonald’s Restaurant Systems. He has been a member of McDonald’s Board of Directors since 1982.

As president and chief executive officer, his responsibilities included overseeing all domestic company-owned and franchisee operations, in addition to providing direction relative to sales, profits, operations and service standards, customer satisfaction, product development, personnel, and training. Ed Rensi was directly responsible for management of McDonald’s USA, which consisted of eight geographic zones and 40 regional offices.

During his 13-year term as president, McDonald’s experienced phenomenal growth. U.S. sales doubled to more than $16 billion, the number of the U.S. restaurants grew from nearly 6,600 to more than 12,000, and the number of U.S. franchisees grew from 1,600 to more than 2,700. Today, 19 million customers are served each day in the U.S. at McDonald’s. Under Ed Rensi’s leadership, McDonald’s became the most recognized brand in the world*, the next being Coca-Cola, the only soft drink supplier to McDonald’s today.

A graduate holding a BS in Business Education from Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Ed Rensi and his wife, Anne, have one daughter and live in suburban Chicago, Illinois.

Ed's Humantelligence Results

Curious Persona

Curious (40%)

Ed does his homework and has a high degree of curiosity about many areas. He enjoys learning for learning's sake, and has a high degree of competence with the things he does.

Supporter Persona

Supporter (40%)

Ed is service- and support-driven and enjoys helping for the good of the team or organization. He tends to be non power-seeking and will put the needs of the team ahead of his own needs.

Thinker Persona

Thinker (20%)

Ed meets new people in a reserved, polite, and quiet way. He prefers a logical approach to transactions, and remains cool, calm, and collected through most business situations.

Success Statement

I am motivated by Freedom and Uniqueness, I work in Decisive and Freeform ways, and my ideal work allows for New Solutions and Variety.

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