Introducing My Guru for College and Careers Powered by Humantelligence

My Guru for College and Careers is both a passion project from our CEO Juan Betancourt and a new resource for students progressing through high school, to college and onward to their career.

Within the app there are five sections

·      Self-Development & EQ

·      Education Resources

·      Remote Work

·      Career & Jobs

·      Fun Stuff

Your existing HT profile can be linked, or our signature 12-minute self-assessment can be taken within the app. The results show your behaviors, motivators and ideal work environment and apply them to what career field will suit you best. There is also information provided on these fields relative to if that particular industry is growing or declining.


While the Education Resources tab is geared toward students by providing peer-reviewed and ranked materials such as articles and online programs, the app in entirety is quite versatile. The Remote Work section is useful to anybody wanting tips and life hacks on how to be the most productive from home, during quarantine.


The app is up, running and completely free to use. In the future, more tabs will be updated with information and content, there’s even a section that will be dedicated to spirituality. Whether it be tips for salary negotiations, brain games to keep your mind sharp or helping finding a job in the career path we matched you to, MyGuru has got you covered.

Get started by downloading the app available for both apple and android devices, or set up your profile here:

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