Introducing Humantelligence “EQ Everywhere”

EQ Everywhere

Leading culture management software company, Humantelligence, Inc (, “HT” ) announces the launch of “EQ Everywhere” through an API-enhanced technology ecosystem that allows organizations, teams, leaders and individuals achieve better understanding, collaboration, and communication, 24/7, across any device, through any channel or platform. 

The old model of assessment delivery and usage (pre-technology) 

If you have taken a personality assessment in the past, you probably learned a little something about yourself, and maybe a couple of colleagues, at the time. Then, you put your results in an envelope and stashed them away in a desk drawer, never to be seen or used again. What if there was a way to infuse you and your network’s results into every email, meeting, LinkedIn, Slack, and Facebook Workplace (coming soon) conversation?

The new model of delivery and usage leverages data analytics, AI, and technology integration (APIs)  

We call it HT’s “EQ Everywhere” solution.  With the EQ Everywhere extension you can effectively infuse emotional intelligence (EQ) into every conversation, putting those results to good use through most channels of communication – Gmail, Google Calendar, Slack/FB Messenger, or LinkedIn.  The company plans to launch for “group culture” insights for Zoom & MSFT Teams video conferencing in late 2020.   Once HT’s “EQ Everywhere” chrome extension is installed, all users – be it team leaders or individuals – can access 24/7, tips for communicating, influencing, and motivating others they are meeting with individually or as a group, and this better understanding leads to improved collaboration, communication, and engagement – and ultimately, a more powerful community, culture, and improved performance.

How does one get access to HT’s “EQ Everywhere”?

Step 1 – A user can get started by creating a Humantelligence account here to take the free 12-minute self-assessment measuring behaviors, motivators, and ideal work environment (what Humantelligence calls the B-M-W framework. This is the same assessment used by hundreds of organizations around the world to measure their underlying culture in an effort to build a high performing culture. EQ Everywhere is available to every employee within these organizations and also available with a free Humantelligence profile.


Step 2 – Navigate to the Chrome store here to add the extension. This will give you access to the extension in Gmail, Google Calendar, and LinkedIn. To add the extension to Slack specifically, navigate here to download.

For more information, please contact [email protected]

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