Humantelligence Powers More Effective Teaming with EQ Everywhere & Culture Analytics for Microsoft Teams

MIAMI, FL— March 31, 2021Humantelligence (“HT”), a pioneer in culture intelligence and leader in recruitment technology, announced an innovative integration with Microsoft Teams this week — just on the heels of its recent integration for Outlook. With this integration, more than 115 million daily Microsoft Teams users have the opportunity to leverage both communication profiles and team culture analytics maps in order to collaborate more effectively.

As the all-in-one communications platform used by more than 500,000 organizations worldwide, Microsoft Teams supported the file-sharing, direct chat, video calling, online meeting, and team channel needs of nearly 100M new users last year as organizations transitioned to remote work. Now with EQ Everywhere for Microsoft Teams, teams can supercharge their collaborative efforts with in-app access to communication recommendations and actionable insights around influencing, motivating, and collaborating with team members, as well as team culture maps for a more holistic view of a team or meeting group. 

As organizations continue to transition into more permanently remote-first, hybrid, and distributed workforce models, information technology and human capital leaders can leverage this integration to optimize collaboration on the spot and ensure teams remain engaged. The EQ Everywhere plug-in is a simple and impactful solution designed to infuse actionable emotional intelligence data into the daily workflow of all teams, at just the right moments — within chats, team channels, and meetings. As a result, employees can collaborate more meaningfully and remain more engaged from wherever they work — this concept underpinning the product’s name, EQ Everywhere.


“Effective collaboration can no longer rely on in-person interactions. We know it’s important for those charged with implementing a tech stack that better supports the future of work to empower people with the kind of tools that enable more effective collaboration. With EQ Everywhere, teams — whether working one-on-one or within and across departments or divisions, or gathering for a particular meeting — can have a deeper understanding of one another and the group dynamics as a whole so that they can work together more effectively, as well as become more productive,” said Humantelligence’s Chief Technology Officer, Marc LaCarrubba.


The plug-in is based on HT’s 12-minute comprehensive self-assessment which measures an employee’s behaviors, motivators, and work energizers — all of which inform easy-to-understand talent profiles that users can leverage to better understand differences, complements, and similarities, while also conducting more productive meetings and fostering more effective team collaboration.


EQ Everywhere is the most scalable and affordable collaboration tool on the market, as well as the quickest to implement and requires no training. It is now available in the Microsoft AppSource for Teams.


About Humantelligence

Humantelligence is the leading cloud-based platform for the accurate measurement of culture at every level of an organization, from individuals and teams to overall corporate culture. HT has the quickest, most comprehensive self-assessment that measures behaviors, motivators, and work energizers so that leaders have the culture and talent intelligence needed to measure, manage, and hire for fit, optimize collaboration while reducing turnover, and build engaged high-performing teams across the organization.



Victoria Guzzo


Senior Director of Corporate Communications

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