Humantelligence awarded as “Best-in-Class” HR Tech Solution of 2019

Humantelligence awarded as “Best-in-Class” HR Tech Solution

From Nov 17-20 (Sun-Wed), Humantelligence was part of the leading HR conference focused on HR Technology in Jacksonville, FL – know as the “HR Tech Connect” conference. This event had over 200 HR executives and HR technology analysts from major companies (all with > 5,000 employees), as well as with 30 major HR technology vendors.

Humantelligence Wins Major Awards – Voted #1 HR Tech Solution at “HR Tech Connect”

During the conference, all 30 vendors were asked to do a keynote speech to all attendees, as well as run small “boardroom” sessions showing their products, and going over real-world case studies of how their HR solutions impact the business of their clients.  Attendees then voted and filled out feedback questionnaires after every keynote and break-out session per vendor.  Each vendor was exposed in-depth with their solutions to at least 100 of the 200 attendees.

Driving a Culture of Success using Innovative Technology

Watch as Humantelligence CEO, Juan Betancourt presents on stage at the HR Tech Connect Summit. In the keynote, Juan speaks on the misconceptions about what culture is, how to measure and manage culture, and why many of the existing tools in the marketplace, like pulse surveys, climate surveys, and engagement surveys are fundamentally flawed. He explains the ROI achieved in multiple case studies of Humantelligence clients who “align culture to strategy” at every level (team, group, or company ) to improve performance and reduce turnover.

Juan Betancourt receives award

CEO, Juan Betancourt (middle) receives the award for the best HR Tech Solution.

Of the 3 categories awarded, Humantelligence placed Top 3 in 2 of them:

  • Best Overall HR Tech Solution — #1 was Workday, #2 was Humantelligence (of 30 vendors)
  • Best Case Studies of HR Tech used in the real world to improve business results –  Humantelligence was #1 (of 30 vendors)

You can find a list of the vendors (30) that we beat out the categories:

This brought even greater attention to our Culture Software Platform as HR executives and their key Technology Strategists are finding that Humantelligence is the most relevant and compelling HR tech solution.  Not only can businesses expect to achieve a stronger, more aligned culture with our tool, but it is also the only solution on the market that actually improves ROI.

To learn more, view our customer testimonials and hear what other professionals had to say about our solution.

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