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Humantelligence and The State of Corporate Culture

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The phrase “corporate culture” elicits many questions. How do we define it? Once we do, can we successfully measure and manage it? If so, how? To help answer these and other questions, partnered with Humantelligence to conduct a study with 537 HR executives across virtually every industry. For the purposes of this study, we define corporate culture as “the behaviors, motivators, values, and work styles of a team, a group of teams and/or an organization as a whole.”   The State of Corporate Culture View the full white paper HERE.   We believe that culture tends to present itself within the processes of an organization. To gain a better understanding of how culture is managed, in this webinar we will reveal: -The perceived success of culture management and its level of importance -Clarity surrounding defining culture -Creating cultural consistency across departments and job levels -Measurement strategies -Culture-related budgets spending -Successful culture-management practices     Ready to find out how you can start building culture better for your team? Request a demo HERE. Or to see the tool in action and get your own results, click HERE.  

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