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4 Innovations to the Recruiting Process to Look for in 2018

January 25, 2018

​For the first time in many years, you as a job seeker have the upper hand. Unemployment is low and companies admit they will have to do more to attract candidates.

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Huntscalon Media

Recruiters Face a Double Threat from Automation, But There’s Good News

September 18, 2017

​Within the next five years, robots, artificial intelligence, automation and other emerging technologies could massively change recruiting as we know it. So much so that recruiters’ jobs will likely depend on how well they adapt.

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The New York Times

NY Times: The Utter Uselessness of Job Interviews

April 8, 2017

Humantelligence eliminates 79% of all interviews – all phone screens and most video interviews -- supporting this article’s main premise.

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Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal: In Search of a Perfect Team at Work

April 4, 2017

This article supports our premise that you can actually measure with data/A.I. to identify top performing teams, and how teams “fit” together. This is what we do!

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Miami Herald

Talented employees, great managers: hunting for the best fit

July 01, 2016

​For some of us, the key to a more fulfilling work life is finding a job that matches our strengths or a career that makes it easy for us to do what we do best. By spending more of our time doing what we’re good at, we’re going to be happier and feel more balanced.

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Center for American Progress

There Are Significant Business Costs to Replacing Employees

November 16, 2012

​The cost of employee turnover for businesses is high, regardless of the level of wages being paid to the departing or incoming employees. Workplace policies that improve employee retention can help companies reduce their turnover costs.

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