How AI Recruiting Is Changing HR

Not so long ago, artificial intelligence (AI) seemed a far-off concept in a science-fiction novel. At most, it seemed unlikely to touch our everyday lives anytime soon. Yet here we are in the second decade of the 21st century, casually exploring how this tech-based intelligence works and how we can harness and use it to our advantage. In the larger sense, AI refers to the design and introduction of human-like intelligence exhibited by a machine, computer or robot. In fact, the practical iteration of AI currently applied in recruiting is known as “weak” or “narrow” AI, focusing on a specific area, simulating human cognition. Such a specialized focus is precisely why there is so much promise for AI in talent acquisition, supporting busy and overtaxed HR teams in multiple phases of the hiring process. If you would like to incorporate artificial intelligence into your human resources and recruiting processes, keep reading to learn more.

Using AI in the Hiring Process Solves Long-Existing HR Challenges

For the past five-to-10 years, employers have increasingly looked to AI for solutions in hiring, shaking up the recruiting process for organizations everywhere. The use of AI in recruitment has become a breath of fresh air for employers and their hiring teams who are facing multiple hiring challenges, including:
  • Attracting top talent
  • Benchmarking and vetting candidates
  • Tightening the hiring process for a shorter time to hire
  • Balancing workloads and recruiting risks
  • Reducing employee turnover and the cost of bad hires
Companies adopting AI in talent acquisition strategies tend to report better results in delivering higher performing talent more effectively. They also enjoy the benefits of streamlining their recruiting and hiring processes, finding strong candidates early on, and hiring for culture fit – all of which leads to increased productivity, profits, and long-term and mutually beneficial engagement.

How Does AI and Recruitment Work? 

Now that you know that AI in recruitment is yielding benefits for other businesses, you probably want to know how to leverage it for your organization.

AI Delivers Qualified Candidates and Enhances the Opportunity for Engagement 

Imagine a day in the life of a hiring manager during which you do not have to comb job boards and social media platforms or sift through irrelevant applications just to find a candidate who might fit within your organization. It is often challenging to put together the pieces of a candidate’s application, resume, work history and education to ensure that they are an ideal fit for your position as well as your corporate culture. AI can help in a couple critical ways:
  • AI can make it easier for your HR team to do more in less time, such as filtering certain keywords within documents to identify crucial markers for your ideal candidates.
  • AI also creates a better recruiting experience for candidates. It can provide easy access to applications, immediate replies to inquiries, continuous assistance, and vital information as required. Such a structure puts candidates at ease, inviting stronger engagement and a chance to get to know them better throughout the process.
Overall, with AI you gain a deeper understanding of a candidate’s potential for future success with your organization, as well as a fuller picture of one’s behaviors, motivators, values, and work styles. 

AI Can Shorten the Hiring Window

  A drawn-out hiring process is a drain on HR and organizational productivity, making AI’s ability to shorten the hiring window a revelation for growing businesses. Machine learning in AI helps shorten the hiring window by:
  • Analyzing and shortlisting strong resumes
  • Scraping social media platforms, job boards and other sources to build robust profiles
  • Providing opportunities for quick, simple and insightful interaction with applicants through conversational chatbots
  • Measuring behaviors, motivators and ideal work styles via candidate self-assessments

Humantelligence Uses AI to Support Your Efforts

The recruitment management system at Humantelligence uses the above-listed strategies and much more to help you evaluate each candidate’s fit while taking the stress off your busy HR team’s collective shoulders. Our goal is to help you foster a high-performing professional culture,nurture diversity of thought, streamline your candidate selection process, improve employee engagement, and provide a strong ROI for your organization. Our AI and talent analytics tools include a 12-minute self-assessment, bias-free culture analytics, and an engagement suite. If you would like to learn more about AI recruiting in general or how our team and products can help you deliver optimal talent in less time , click here to request a demo.

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