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HireGuru is designed to give recruiting firms expert insights on how candidates will fit in to their clients' team culture and available roles.

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Why HireGuru?

Get easy-to-understand insights

Select candidates for better fit with your client's culture and for the role you are filling (EQ), along with the resume/skills/experience (IQ).

Predict success

Predict success at 60% success with EQ measuring behaviors, motivators, and work environment, while traditional IQ testing predicts at 30%.

Place candidates fast

Double your volume of searches and deliver better results.

Deliver quality

Eliminate subjectivity/bias and deliver top-performers who stay longer

Top Features and Functionality

Unlimited Self-Assessments Per Search

See a multi-dimensional view of candidates' behaviors, motivators and work energizers.

Built-in Candidate Dashboards and Tracking

Fill positions and deliver data-driven recommendations to hiring manager with quality candidates who are a strong fit for the role and team culture.

Humantelligence is a leader in HR Analytics on G2 Humantelligence is a leader in HR Analytics on G2

What our customers are saying

‘Best ROI Software Implementation’

“Use of HT has streamlined and standardized our interview and hiring process. This creates a more consistent on-boarding experience as we have multiple hiring managers. Due to the analytics provided in the assessment, we hire smarter, meaning we save money and retain employees longer than in the past”

Jeff M, Executive Director, Vivo Kitchen

‘HT helps close the gaps between current culture and desired culture’

“When we need to help our customers to align their team culture with the company strategy, with HT we have a really easy-to-use tool to help teams to know their real culture, the opportunities that a given culture enable to execute their strategy, and the gaps to improve their capacity to be excellent…”
Camilo C, Consulting Services Director, H Plus

‘Great way for business of all sizes to hire the best people’

“The assessment is quick and easy to take from a mobile phone. For administrators, the dashboard is clean and simple. The ability to take individual’s assessments and compare them to a group or teams is a phenomenal benefit.”
Joel S, HR Consultant, West Valley Business Executives

‘On the spot – very valuable’

“Fast & accurate results

The service is perfect to optimize understanding and results of individuals and teams. It not only serves the recruiting requirements but it is perfect for optimizing team results and for long-time satisfaction of teams. Our sales went smother and we made more profit in the end.”

‘Great Insight’

“I like to send the survey results to managers so that they have insight on how best to train our new hires.”

‘Finally a tool to ensure people are Culture Fit!’

“Being able to map our culture so that we can create a culture by design as opposed to culture by default.”

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