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Humantelligence Expands Client Community to Support Data-Driven Talent & Culture Management Efforts at Leading Organizations

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MIAMI, FL— February 26, 2021 –Humantelligence, a pioneer in culture intelligence and leader in self-assessment and recruitment technology, recently partnered with several new organizations, among them:

Focused on centralizing data on competencies, behaviors, values, and work styles of current and potential employees in order to measure, manage, and hire for culture fit, these members of the Humantelligence Community will be able to:

  • Better align talent and people management goals with strategic decision making

  • Increase individual & team productivity by supporting more effective collaboration

  • Build performance-based teams that include diversity of thought

  • Significantly reduce the cost of turnover by ensuring culture fit

  • Streamline recruiting and hiring efforts, reducing time to hire and eliminating subjectivity

  • Identify predictive success in hiring

By consolidating this work in one system — cognitive and emotional intelligence data, team culture assessment insights, performance feedback, and engagement survey data — people leaders and organizational management can make data-informed personnel decisions that support greater organizational effectiveness. 

As the most comprehensive assessment, culture analytics, and AI-powered recruiting solution in the market, Humantelligence measures 28 psychometric characteristics in just under 12 minutes — helping people quickly and easily understand the what, why, and how of their work. With an immediate and downloadable talent profile, individuals, team leaders, and executive management will now have greater actionable insights into the communication, leadership, teaching, and learning styles, motivations and behaviors, and works styles of their workforces — all of which is helping organizations rebuild or reset cultures as they move forward with remote-first or hybrid work models.

“These new and expanded partnerships reinforce our deep commitment to helping people and their companies discover the roles and work energizers that best align with cognitive behaviors, motivators, and ideal work styles,” said Juan Betancourt, CEO of Humantelligence. “It’s a privilege to serve these organizations, because we know that when people better understand their success factors and are more deeply engaged in their work, organizations reduce turnover, improve productivity, and strengthen culture — it’s a win-win for everyone.”

These partnerships support Humantelligence’s broader vision to empower people and companies with the data needed to make meaningful improvements across all levels of an organization. As a global provider of culture intelligence solutions in the areas of individual and team assessment, recruitment, talent development, and employee engagement, Humantelligence serves hundreds of organizations in developing an intentional approach to building culture based on data they can trust.

To take our free 12-minute self-assessment that uncovers actionable insights around your motivators, behaviors and ideal work styles, visit

About Humantelligence

Humantelligence is the leading cloud-based platform for the accurate measurement of culture at every level of an organization, from individuals and teams to overall corporate culture. HT has the quickest, most comprehensive behavioral science assessment that measures behaviors, motivators, and ideal work styles so that leaders have the culture and talent intelligence needed to measure, manage, and hire for fit, optimize collaboration while reducing turnover, and build engaged high-performing teams across the organization.

Victoria Guzzo, Senior Director of Corporate Communication

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