Watch On Demand: How to Overcome the 7 Most Common Culture Myths

culture myths

In a webinar this June, we discussed the seven most common company culture myths. 

We’re seeing organizations define company culture as essential to success and yet it’s being looked at operationally as an afterthought. This free webinar can help you dismantle this disconnect, regardless of its severity, at your organization. 

During the webinar, we explored:

  • How to align your company culture with your business objectives (you’ll be amazed by the results),
  • Where some of the most common myths surrounding company culture come from — and what the truth actually is,
  • What nixing these practices will do for your organization,
  • How culture and profitability are linked, 
  • Key differences between company culture and HR — and whether they should or shouldn’t be linked together depending on your specific organization,
  • And much more!

Watch on demand and get key actionable takeaways so you can focus on cultivating the kind of organizational culture that empowers your employees, boosts your performance, and supports effective collaboration across teams.

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