The Future of Work with Lauder Alum

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Remote work during the pandemic made a lot of us – including employers and people managers – rethink how our workplaces should operate. In this webinar, on the Future of Work, we’re featuring 3 Lauder alum who will share their perspectives on how companies are evolving their structures and processes, and what our workplaces could look like going ahead.

Still, these structures raise questions about how companies will navigate the intangibles:  

  • How can remote companies and teams develop cultures and optimize collaboration
  • How can employers build diversity and inclusion in virtual contexts? 
  • How can employers use data to strengthen their virtual EQ and people management? 
  • What is the best way for managers to support teams and to keep employees engaged?

Join these Lauder alum: Juan Betancourt ‘98, Amy Hsuan ‘12, and Diego Rimoch ‘15 as they discuss their unique approaches to the future of work.

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