Partner Webcast: Beyond The Resume: Helping Diverse Teams Understand, Connect & Collaborate

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The C-Suite often drives DEI with team members sitting in the passenger seats, expected to “go along for the ride,” so to speak. And mostly they do. Changing and building culture is complex, but we can’t simply focus only on the C-Suites and VP/Director levels, can we? That’s the question we’re asking in this KG Diversity and Humantelligence partner webcast

Wouldn’t it be great to have a solution focused on all “teams” rather than only for leadership and management? A solution that would help project teams better understand individual team members; connect more naturally, and collaborate with greater inclusiveness?

If you’re intrigued, great! Because we’ve got a powerful new way to explore individual and team collaboration that extends beyond common DE&I dimensions like race, gender, and orientation into behavioral characteristics, and performance motivators, that improve overall team performance. The potential result? Better-performing teams that appreciate the dynamism of diversity in the group leading to a greater sense of inclusiveness for everyone. Creating a safe space, at scale. Teams and individuals producing better results.

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Beyond The Resume: Helping Diverse Teams Understand, Connect & Collaborate Presented by KG Diversity

Join our expert panelists from KG Diversity and Humantelligence. What you’ll learn from this webinar:

  1. How to help project teams better understand and appreciate their fellow team members’ different work styles and other characteristics to inform their project work and foster more inclusiveness.
  2. How to make strong connections between diverse project team members for more honest personal interactions and a more profound sense of belonging.
  3. How to improve collaboration—removing barriers among team members and project managers.

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