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12 ways to get fired from a Chief HR Officer role

April 21, 2019

​Worried for your job at the top of your organisation's HR tree? Emerging tech commentator John Sumser says there are 12 reasons you might be right.

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Leaders Need Grit, But It’s Not Enough For Success

January 31, 2019

​What kind of personality succeeds in an environment where the failure rate is over 90%? Can an entrepreneur with any personality become successful? Or do certain personality traits count to tip the odds in their favour?

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Quartz at work

The two people CEOs need most in their life, according to McKinsey chief Dominic Barton

April 24, 2018

​In the information economy, high performers aren’t just being hired by companies to manage the business. High performers are the business.

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Harvard Business Review

The 3 Types of C Players and What to Do About Them

February 01, 2018

​When you start leading a new team, one of your first imperatives is to assess the caliber of the talent you are inheriting. At a minimum, you’ll want to focus on three dimensions: (1) Competence — Does each individual match the competence demands of their role? (2) Motivation — Does each member of the team possess the required drive and the willingness to learn new capabilities as needed? (3) People skills — Is each person capable of building constructive working relationships with their colleagues and with you? Those who excel on these criteria are your A players, your outstanding performers. The strong but not exceptional contributors are your B players. And the few who fall below expectations on one or more of these are your C players.

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Harvard Business Review

8 Resolutions on the CEO's Desk

January 10, 2018

​Some may be obvious but still get missed as the grind of the business year cycles through. Others are new and unique to 2018. Either way, the breath of this year's resolutions that experts believe CEOs need couldn't be wider.

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CEO Challenge 2017: Meeting the Human Capital Challenge

January 2017

​The human capital challenge for businesses in 2017 is about culture and talent. In a year of disruption, CEO respondents to our annual survey emphasize the need for strong organizational cultures.

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Chevron's CEO Just Wrote an Extraordinary LinkedIn Message That Is a Master Class in Leadership

June 2nd, 2015

​John Watson, who is retiring next month, reflects back on his 37-year journey at Chevron.

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