EQ Everywhere: 5 Steps to Strengthen Emotional and Cultural Intelligence

EQ Everywhere webinar

If you have taken a personality assessment in the past, you probably had some powerful insights about yourself, your colleagues, or team during a workshop with a consultant for that day you focused on it. However, at the end, you saved the PDF in a file on your computer, or worse, put your results in an envelope or binder, and stashed them away in a desk drawer, never to be seen or used again. What if you could access those powerful insights 24/7, on any device, in any your workflows like emails or calendar meeting invites, on a zoom or MSFT Teams video conference to access tips on the “meeting culture”, etc? Or where you could leverage those insights into every conversation you have, whether it be a job interview, a big meeting with colleagues, or casual conversations with friends and family? What if you could get these insights right in your email, calendar, LinkedIn, Slack, and other technologies to create true “resonance” with others, not just connection. In this webinar, we will train you on the following 5 steps to strengthen your emotional and cultural intelligence in the workplace: 1. Why EQ is even more important than IQ in workplace culture to succeed 2. Becoming self-aware: how to leverage insights for better understanding & collaboration 3. How teams (and leaders) can learn their “Team EQ” and how to leverage it for better performing team cultures and collaboration across teams 4. Understanding how to communicate and motivate others in the workplace 5. How to leverage technologies in real-time to have EQ data at your fingertips, and for an entire organization’s culture

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