Human Resources is a growing field that is beginning to expand and inspire change across a facet of companies and job-types. Engagedly is excited to announce its sixth annual list of Top 100 HR Influencers.

Engagedly Methodology

In order to generate this list, Engagedly considered nearly 400+ different professionals within the various sectors of HR. Individuals were selected through a data-driven process that analyzed and scored success in five defining categories. Scores were based on an individuals’ recency, frequency, and relevance in relation to their social media presences, speaking and writing engagements, and innovative contributions to the field. Diversity of the individual was also taken into account so as to ensure that people of all backgrounds were included in the list.

Points of Consideration

We want to emphasize that this list is not in ranking form. Individuals have been grouped based on the type of work that they have most notably been involved with. These categories are in no way intended to minimize the entirety of these influencers’ careers. CEO of Humantelligence, Juan Betancourt, has been named to the HR Tech influencer’s list. Influencers in this category are recognized for their outstanding achievements in this rapidly growing sector of the HR industry.

Learn more about the Top 100 HR Influencers of 2022 by hovering over their pictures and exploring their LinkedIn, Twitter, and personal and/or company websites.

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