Don’t Blow the Budget Because of
Excessive Turnover

Every time you replace a salaried employee, it costs 6 to 9 months of salary. Plus, you lose productivity from that role, as well as experience negative culture impact.

You can reduce those costs by building and cultivating more engaged teams. We uncover the behaviors, motivators, and work energizers of employees and help you use that data to improve employee engagement — delivering higher employee satisfaction and fast, measurable business results.

The Employee Experience Matters

Cultures that Engage & Retain Employees

More important than ever, keeping employees satisfied and committed to their organization’s mission means the difference between excessive turnover costs and drained resources OR achieving business results.  

Retaining employees long term means addressing the reasons they leave in the first place.

Smart organizations realize their success is powered by the performance of their employees, and with more career mobility and job options than ever, employees continue to look for feedback-friendly cultures that foster inclusion and openness, clear communication, and learning development. 

The Missing Element: An Environment for Multidirectional Communication

Research indicates that your team members spend ⅔ of their time collaborating, but more than 15% of that time is wasted on inefficient communications. Studies show that this means businesses with 500 employees lose $5+ million annually.

With so much time spent on delivering, interpreting, and analyzing others’ communications, misunderstandings abound. Add the physical distance between team members who are part of remote or hybrid teams, and the cumulative effect of negative interactions is one of the top reasons employees disengage.

The Solution for Improving Employee Engagement

When you improve communications, better engagement follows and higher work satisfaction results. With a culture intelligence and engagement platform, you can build that engagement by facilitating an environment of clear, open communication. We surface the data you need, in the tools your team uses everyday, to drive better communication during each interaction.

  • Foster Smooth 1-to-1 Communications
    Create an environment where each individual has a level of self-awareness about their preferred communication styles and then enable them to understand how they compare with colleagues so they can tailor their approach to maximize resonance and minimize friction.

  • Create Situational Awareness when Communicating in a Team Environment
    Enable leaders to better understand their teams’ culture dynamics and get in front of potential problems. Facilitate drawing out ideas from the introverts, quieting the excitable, and helping everyone to feel good about their contributions to the team.

  • Empower with Feedback
    Leverage surveys and an internal employee network to give team members a voice and use performance management tools to help employees track their growth.

  • Enable Productivity
    Reduce miscommunication by infusing emotional intelligence insights within email, chat, and meetings so teams can communicate more easily and focus on the work that matters most.

How Humantelligence Does It

To help you retain and better engage your team members, Humantelligence captures employees’ unique behaviors, motivators, and work energizers and then surfaces those insights in a variety of tools designed to improve communication, collaboration, and overall team effectiveness. We use:

  • People-Focused Onboarding
    Helps new hires or team members transitioning into new teams create a sense of belonging and community faster
  • Team Culture Playbook
    Operationalize culture building using a simple three-step process, repeated monthly, to pinpoint strengths, identify gaps, and align the team on goals
  • Collaboration Tips
    Curated sequences of bite-sized tips to promote mutual understanding and better collaboration
  • Team Member Comparisons
    Comparisons between employees across several dimensions to enable better collaboration and conflict management
  • EQ Everywhere for Communication
    Customized team communication insights to communicate more effectively with others
  • Career Mobility & Coach/Mentor Pairing Identify learning and growth opportunities for career advancement

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