Employee Engagement & Cultural Alignment Survey Results

Employee Engagement

On February 19, 2020, Humantelligence conducted a survey among more than 200 HR webinar attendees.

The responses provided by the audience shed light on the current problems faced in the HR industry and are applicable to anyone interested in addressing cultural alignment concerns.  

What do you anticipate will be your company’s greatest people challenge in 2020?

Engagement – 31% Sourcing and hiring – 28% Turnover – 19%

Performance – 15% HR Tech – 7%

Does your company have a process to assess whether employees are aligned with company values?

Yes – 46% No – 37% unsure – 11% My company has not defined values – 6%

Does your company have a process to assess whether employees are aligned with their team’s culture?

No – 41% Yes – 29% My team has not measured culture yet – 15%

We don’t know how to measure today – 15%

Is it clear to you why engagement surveys are not measuring culture?

Yes – 68% No – 32%

Have engagement surveys delivered on improved team performance as you had hoped?

Somewhat – 48% No – 44% Yes – 8%

Which is the main KPI your organization looks at when measuring culture?

Feedback from engagement surveys – 51%

Turnover rate – 24%

Something else – 19%

Employee rating (through 3rd party like Glassdoor) – 6%

If you could solve one performance metric which would you address first?

Employee Engagement – 63%

Turnover – 22%

Revenue – 10%

Something Else – 5%

Key Takeaways from the survey results:

Takeaway 1:

While employee engagement is a priority, and engagement surveys are heavily used, most haven’t seen results from engagement surveys/tools.

Takeaway 2:

Most are not aligning or don’t know how to assess employees against company values or team values.

Takeaway 3:

Engagement is important, but a valuable step is being skipped in addressing the issue. Start by measuring and managing underlying values before surface-level engagement or pulse of employees.  

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