Creating Great Corporate Cultures

We can all agree that corporate culture is important, but do you truly understand your company’s underlying culture and subcultures?

Acknowledging that culture is important isn’t enough. Measuring and keeping tabs on it is how results are created. The act of measuring culture actually turns out to be pretty tricky as fewer than 23% of organizations measure the culture of specific teams or departments and only 16% of organizations measure the differences between those teams and the overall corporate culture.

Among monitoring culture and subcultures, diversity, equity and inclusion are top priorities for many organizations. We agree that diversity of thought is a top priority for any company to be both morally correct and also successful. Despite that fact, only 24% of companies assess their employees ways of thinking with an assessment. Understanding that different experiences directly contribute to diversity of thought is essential to creating a safe and collaborate environment for everybody.

Some recommendations we have for those striving to achieve these goals include considering interest groups that reinforce your target culture and keep DE&I as a top priority, avoiding the assumption that just one culture exists in your organization and above all have clear and open communication. Humantelligence provides software the aid in each of these processes and we also encourage you to download this infographic that gives facts and figures, to read through at your own leisure. 

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