Subrata Saha

Sales Partner
Creative Persona
Creative (39%)

Subrata brings unique and creative ideas to the table. He is an active and independent agent who may be seen as a trend-setter who demonstrates personal freedom.

Independent (35%)

Subrata follows a deep personal sense of direction and challenges existing methods. He suggests new ways of doing things to increase effectiveness. He sees the big picture and communicates it to others.

Promoter Persona
Promoter (26%)

Subrata is very outgoing and meets new people in a warm and socially assertive way. He has an ability to speak with poise and confidence to groups of any size.

Success Statement

I am motivated by Freedom and Uniqueness, I work in Freeform and Outgoing ways, and my ideal work allows for Proven Methods and Structure.

More about Subrata

Subrata Saha is motivated by sales innovation & mentoring. He is passionately helping start-ups with Go-To-Market strategy, setting up sales eco-systems, establishing new markets, and completing mergers & investments. Previously he had a global career with Oracle in various sales & leadership roles both in India and in the United States. He spent several years selling into Fortune 500 companies in the areas of Enterprise Software Products, Services, Offshore & BPO Projects. In his last assignment with Oracle, he was a Sales Coach for the Oracle's Cloud Sales Division and managed Sales Teams selling Cloud offerings into Small & Mid Size companies. That is where, he developed his passion for the start up world. Subrata is based out of Silicon Valley, San Francisco. He is a statistics graduate and holds an MBA from the Institute of Management Technology. Early in his career, he ran his own consulting firm and then went on to exploring the business world with larger enterprise-size companies.

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