Linda Ward

12 Skies Advising - Nonprofit / Religious Sales Partner
Creative (40%)

Linda brings unique and creative ideas to the table. She is an active and independent agent who may be seen as a trend-setter who demonstrates personal freedom.

Helper (32%)

Linda is very sincere and genuinely enjoy helping others. She is generous in sharing her time and talent with others, and is a willing teacher and coach for others on the team.

Analyzer Persona
Analyzer (28%)

Linda solves new problems in a controlled, calculated, and organized way. She is deliberate in his planning and always thinks before acting.

Success Statement

I am motivated by Uniqueness and Helping, I work in Steady and Deliberate ways, and my ideal work allows for New Solutions and Working with Facts.

Why did I join Humantelligence?

I have learned from my experience within the non-profit sector that team members are the most valuable asset an organization has. Humantelligence empowers organizations to place, support and grow their human capital in unprecedented ways. Through Humantelligence’s culture analytics, leaders can better understand internal dynamics for a thriving team environment. I have seen countless teams with admirable goals to impact this planet for good but who lack the resources to accomplish them. The suite of services Humantelligence offers adds incalculable value to every organization and should be standard.

More about Linda

Based in south Florida, Linda Ward is a writer and ideator with a fire for brainstorming, creative collaboration and resourcing people. She graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Florida International University in 2012. While she enjoys every opportunity to create, her true delight comes from solving complex problems through research and thoughtful processes. She began working with non-profits in 2009 and passionately promotes self-awareness on organizational, team and individual levels. She firmly believes good leaders will seek ways to empower, grow and resource their team members. Partnering with Humantelligence allows her to connect organizations with a powerful suite of tools so they can better serve their teams and improve organizational health.

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