Camilo Carvajalino

Consulting Director, H Plus
Independent Persona
Independent (39%)

Camilo follows a deep personal sense of direction and challenges existing methods. He suggests new ways of doing things to increase effectiveness. He sees the big picture and communicates it to others.

Creative (38%)

Camilo brings unique and creative ideas to the table. He is an active and independent agent who may be seen as a trend-setter who demonstrates personal freedom.

Thinker (23%)

Camilo meets new people in a reserved, polite, and quiet way. He prefers a logical approach to transactions, and remains cool, calm, and collected in most business situations.

Success Statement

I am motivated by Uniqueness and Freedom, I work in Steady and Reflective ways, and my ideal work allows for New Solutions and Flexibility.

Why did I join Humantelligence?

After applying Humantelligence over about 9000 people involved in projects with Compensar, Saludcoop, Consorcio Colombia Mayor and Transmilenio, I was very glad to finally have found a platform that uncovers the corporate and team culture in a very accurate, practical and easy way. It helped these companies and their leaders with clear insights on how to take action to increase engagement and leadership.

More about Camilo

He is very passionate about leadership and culture towards team building and efficiency. As a Consulting Director at HPlus, he promoted the use of the latest technologies in the company, and how they can impact important matters such as effective communication within teams and companies, and how they are impacted by their improvements.

He's an electrical engineer and project manager, who has worked with companies such as Citibank. Throughout his experience, he has found that the key for successful results is related widely to the employee engagement. His current company HPlus aims to improve this particular area with the clients they work with.

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