Why did I join Humantelligence?

I joined Humantelligence because HT is uniquely positioned to help employees gain an understanding of how they best fit into a workplace. By measuring behaviors, motivators and ideal work environment, cultural fit becomes a key driver to ensure an employee's productivity, success and happiness. HT represents the next shift in the workplace where employers and employees can know with certainty the best way to collaborate and work together to drive joint success.

More about Vera

Vera is the Vice President of Global Alliances. Vera has over twenty years of experience in technology companies developing and executing successful programs within Alliances, Customer Success, Operations, Solutions Engineering and IT. She has driven significant revenues through alliances with Salesforce and other strategic partners. She has a passion and proven track record in evangelizing technology, building awareness, creating strong partnerships and growing world-class teams.

Vera has developed and led activities at multiple start-ups including Auspex, ZANTAZ, DocuSign and Jitterbit.

Vera has a Mathematics degree with an emphasis in Computer Science from Humboldt State University.

Vera's Humantelligence Results

Helper Persona

Helper (44%)

Vera is very sincere and genuinely enjoys helping others. She is generous in sharing her time and talent with others, and is a willing teacher and coach for others on the team.

Independent Persona

Independent (37%)

Vera follows a deep personal sense of direction, and challenges existing methods. She can suggest new ways of doing things for increased effectiveness. She sees the big picture and communicate it to others.

Challenger Persona

Challenger (19%)

Vera operates independently from the rules and procedures. Rules are made to be questioned, bent, or broken. She can develop a variety of new strategies as situations demand them.

Success Statement

I am motivated by Helping and Freedom, I work in Freeform and Steady ways, and my ideal work allows for Flexibility and Working with People.

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