Why did I join Humantelligence?

When I first heard about Humantelligence, I could immediately see its value for quickly solving the many universal problems which all companies face, such as low employee engagement and high turnover. From there, through using the software, I was impressed by its ability to measure team culture and to bring new levels of meaningful insight into understanding each other in the workplace. Because of this, I joined Humantelligence so I could be a part of leading this breakthrough approach to fixing these problems and of bringing these great solutions to every industry and market, benefiting each company and individual along the way.

More about Lucas

Lucas is VP Sales at Humantelligence. Previously, Lucas held positions responsible for sales growth and development in both multi-national, billion-dollar corporations and in small business capacities. He also has years of experience leading highly diverse, multi-cultural teams in both North and South America. With experience developed through broad ranging business consulting, he has a great understanding of the many challenges companies face regarding team building, communication and employee engagement. Through working in cross-functional roles of management, operations and sales development, he has a deep appreciation for the need to create highly engaged teams and sees Humantelligence as the first and only solution to truly making that happen.

Lucas holds a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature from NC State University.

Lucas' Humantelligence Results

Independent Persona

Independent (36%)

Lucas follows a deep personal sense of direction, and challenges existing methods. He can suggest new ways of doing things for increased effectiveness. He sees the big picture and communicate it to others.

Thinker Persona

Thinker (36%)

Lucas meets new people in a reserved, polite, and quiet way. She prefers a logical approach to transactions, and remains cool, calm, and collected in most business situations.

Dealmaker Persona

Dealmaker (28%)

Lucas is a competitive player, and has a bottom-line orientation towards money, "let’s make some!" He likes practical solutions, and doesn't like getting bogged down in things that aren’t profitable.

Success Statement

I am motivated by Freedom and Financial Security, I work in Reflective and Decisive ways, and my ideal work allows for New Solutions and Working with Facts.

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