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9 Steps to Align Culture with Strategy

In our last webinar, which you can watch in full here, we broke down how to align culture with strategy in 9 steps. With the Humantelligence culture software maximizing results, these steps will yield a transformed organization.     Evaluate the current performance of your organization   Growth, revenue, and customer satisfaction are great places to start when evaluating your organization. Look for things that need to be improved and outline where you want to start.   […]
Culture by intention webinar

How to Create a “Culture by Intention” & Recruit Talent that Aligns to Improve Performance you can imagine, you have to create a culture by intention to support the type of company you are, the stage in which your company is in, and/or the goals you are trying to achieve as an organization. Are you a start-up or a F500 company that’s been around for decades? Is your goal financially driven EBITDA targets, or product-innovation driven? Are your employees in a single location or dispersed around the world, in […]
EQ Everywhere webinar

EQ Everywhere: 5 Steps to Strengthen Emotional and Cultural Intelligence you have taken a personality assessment in the past, you probably had some powerful insights about yourself, your colleagues, or team during a workshop with a consultant for that day you focused on it. However, at the end, you saved the PDF in a file on your computer, or worse, put your results in an envelope or binder, and stashed them away in a desk drawer, never to be seen or used again. What […]
Diversity, A Result of a Transformed Corporate Culture

Diversity, A Result of a Transformed Corporate Culture create diversity initiatives with the idea that diversity should be attached to the existing company culture. This is a shortcut and a mindset that will continue to fail until every individual can make contributions towards establishing a new culture. Diversity shouldn’t be a goal, rather an outcome driven by a change to the underlying cultural fabric of an organization.If your company focuses on establishing a “diverse culture”, or diversity of thought, then “diversity” will […]
Crystal Ball of HR Panel

The Crystal Ball of HR: Address culture, hiring, and remote work in the aftermath of COVID 19 Aired: Wednesday, June 17, 2020Webinar Now Available On-Demand Description: For most of you, COVID-19 forced some level of layoffs, maybe put hiring on hold, and forced many of you to work remote.  All of these factors impact CULTURE.  As such, your post COVID-19 culture is by definition “different”. The ability to influence and manage to a “culture of intention” has been affected during these past months.  But now, we are starting to get back […]
Future of HR Webinar Graphic

Future of HR, Post-Covid 19: Ramp up hiring & re-establish a high performing culture we enter Spring, the weather is warming up and the flowers are blooming, but more important, our economy is beginning to re-open. Yes, we have a long way to go before we are completely back to normal, but as you think about hiring again, do remember what got us there in the first place – great, hard-working people. So, whether your business experienced a total shut down, shifted to remote work, or was fully […]
Remote Culture Shift Webinar

The Remote Culture Shift: How to maintain a high performing culture with a remote workforce COVID-19 crisis has forced 95% of organizations to shift to a new remote reality, while many have also faced difficult decisions such as furloughs, layoffs and pay cuts. With increasing uncertainty and a sudden shift to working remotely, now more than ever is the time to focus on team culture. Even if you still have 100% of your staff in place, a new work environment means different ways of communicating and collaborating. Some teams […]
Webinar: How Software Can Improve Performance in Your New “Remote Culture” Reality

Webinar: How Software Can Improve Performance in Your New “Remote Culture” Reality

Watch the full hour long webinar here: COVID-19 is here for the foreseeable future. So is working remote for many of your team members across your organization. This leads to a need for managers to adapt quickly and create a team culture that continues to be engaging, but from a distance. Also, it would be good to know which employees, leaders, and teams might not work well in a “remote culture” environment. Who might be […]
Managing culture with Humantelligence

Drive Performance Culture: Part 2

  To manage a high-performing culture, the second step is to utilize your collected data.   In Part 2 of this 3-Part webinar series, we’re showing you how to effectively use the data collected in Part 1 to manage your culture. Whether you are content with your current team cultures, or you’d like to make changes within recruitment to onboard a different culture- this webinar is for you. Transformational change, while never easy, is what […]
Humantelligence culture software

Drive Performance Culture: Part 1

To drive a performance-based culture, the first step is to obtain team data.   Your culture is unique to your organization. It is made up of unique individuals, teams, and departments. Identifying the nuances at each level is vital to becoming intentional in developing your culture and driving business performance. This 1-hour session will dive into the measurement techniques that can be applied when looking to better understand your underlying culture and find actionable insights […]
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Drive a Culture of Success using Innovative Technology

Drive a Culture of Success using Innovative Technology [originally presented at the HR Tech Connect Summit] Watch as Humantelligence CEO, Juan Betancourt and DaVinci Payments Head of HR, Olga Spivak present on stage at the HR Tech Connect Summit. In the keynote, they speak on the misconceptions about what culture is, how to measure and manage culture, and why many of the tools on the marketplace, positioned to measure and build culture, are fundamentally flawed […]
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Understand & Own The “Culture Economy”

What is the concept of Culture Economy and how will it shape the culture of tomorrow? How much will it cost your company if YOU don’t know? Understanding human capital at it’s most fundamental, individual level is of the utmost importance. Your employees and their values are what will shape the future success of your company – shouldn’t you make understanding them a priority? In the next 5, 10, or 15 years, experts expect that […]

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