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9 Steps to Align Culture with Strategy

In our last webinar which you can watch in full here we broke down how to align culture with strategy in 9 steps. With the Humantelligence culture software maximizing results, these steps will yield a transformed organization.  1.     Evaluate the current performance of your organization   Growth, revenue, and customer satisfaction are great places to start when evaluating your organization. Look for things that need to be improved and outline where you want to start.   […]

Creating Great Corporate Cultures

We can all agree that culture is important, but are you understanding your companies culture and subcultures correctly? Acknowledging that culture is important isn’t enough, measuring and keeping tabs on it is how results are created. The act of measuring culture actually turns out to be pretty tricky as fewer than 23% of organizations measure the culture of specific teams or departments and only 16% of organizations measure the differences between those teams and the […]
EQ Everywhere webinar

EQ Everywhere: 5 Steps to Strengthen Emotional and Cultural Intelligence you have taken a personality assessment in the past, you probably had some powerful insights about yourself, your colleagues, or team during a workshop with a consultant for that day you focused on it. However, at the end, you saved the PDF in a file on your computer, or worse, put your results in an envelope or binder, and stashed them away in a desk drawer, never to be seen or used again. What […]
Diversity, A Result of a Transformed Corporate Culture

Diversity, A Result of a Transformed Corporate Culture create diversity initiatives with the idea that diversity should be attached to the existing company culture. This is a shortcut and a mindset that will continue to fail until every individual can make contributions towards establishing a new culture. Diversity shouldn’t be a goal, rather an outcome driven by a change to the underlying cultural fabric of an organization.If your company focuses on establishing a “diverse culture”, or diversity of thought, then “diversity” will […]
Crystal Ball of HR Panel

The Crystal Ball of HR: Address culture, hiring, and remote work in the aftermath of COVID 19 Aired: Wednesday, June 17, 2020Webinar Now Available On-Demand Description: For most of you, COVID-19 forced some level of layoffs, maybe put hiring on hold, and forced many of you to work remote.  All of these factors impact CULTURE.  As such, your post COVID-19 culture is by definition “different”. The ability to influence and manage to a “culture of intention” has been affected during these past months.  But now, we are starting to get back […]
7 Steps to re-establish culture and ramp up hiring post COVID-19

Recruiting Past COVID-19: 7 Steps to re-establish a high performing culture and ramp up hiring

As the economy opens back up in the aftermath of COVID-19, organizations need to embark on their post pandemic strategies for recruiting in a new world – possibly even remote for some roles. Humantelligence is helping clients to do this, and educating others on how to better understand their current cultures, set target cultures based on objective performance profiles, or for remote worker profiles, and use technology to help attract and identify people who will thrive […]
Future of HR Webinar Graphic

Future of HR, Post-Covid 19: Ramp up hiring & re-establish a high performing culture we enter Spring, the weather is warming up and the flowers are blooming, but more important, our economy is beginning to re-open. Yes, we have a long way to go before we are completely back to normal, but as you think about hiring again, do remember what got us there in the first place – great, hard-working people. So, whether your business experienced a total shut down, shifted to remote work, or was fully […]
Remote work

Remote Weekly Special: COVID-19 State of Work

Guest Author: Hrishikesh Pardeshi, & The Remote Clan I am sure you would have thought to yourself, “How has COVID-19 impacted our lives?” Particularly, just like me, you would be curious to know the impact on our work-life. This bugged me a few weeks back and the result of that thought is this dashboard: Pretty stoked about what we have here. Do take a look!But let’s back up a bit. How did I go about doing this and also […]
Why the Resume is messing up hiring?

Why is the Resume messing up hiring?

Guest Author: José G. Hernández Several studies found that work experience is not the best predictor of future job success. So why do we still rely on it as the primary tool when it comes to hiring or doing job interviews? It makes no sense. What can be done about this? We need to aggressively reinvent the hiring process. Companies like Heineken, Coca-Cola, Honda, IBM and others are already doing it and they no longer rely […]
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The Remote Culture Shift: Tips for making the most out of your new remote work reality

The Remote Culture Shift: Tips for getting the most out of your new remote reality As news of the COVID-19 outbreak reshapes our reality, there’s no doubt that this is a challenging time for our companies and cultures therein. More than anything, we hope you and your loved ones are safe and well. For most of us, we still have a job to do and if you and your team weren’t already in a rhythm […]
Diverse team solving problems with Humantelligence

Culture Fit, Culture Add, and Diversity of Thought

With the increasing pressure for organizations to implement diversity and cultural alignment into recruitment, many Human Resources teams are struggling to keep up. Phrases like “culture fit” and “culture add” have taken on multiple meanings and muddied the already cloudy waters of unbiased recruitment practices. To combat the confusion, we’re addressing their similarities, their differences, and providing an intentional route to recruitment. Defining Culture Fit Culture Fit has recently received a lot of undue criticism. […]
Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement & Cultural Alignment Survey Results

On February 19, 2020, Humantelligence conducted a survey among more than 200 HR webinar attendees. The responses provided by the audience shed light on the current problems faced in the HR industry and are applicable to anyone interested in addressing cultural alignment concerns.   What do you anticipate will be your company’s greatest people challenge in 2020? Engagement – 31% Sourcing and hiring – 28% Turnover – 19% Performance – 15% HR Tech – 7% […]
Data and graphs around Humantelligence analytics

8 Tips for Strategic Recruitment and Cultural Alignment

We combined the best 8 tips for aligning your hiring strategy with your culture.   Once you have an idea of the direction you want the team or organization to follow, how can you avoid all the dangers and potential terminations associated with bringing a ‘bad’ or inappropriate hire into your team? By first assessing and addressing the culture that permeates your company and following these tips from our 2019 Study in partnership with […]
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The Not-So-Obvious Reasons Your Team is Underperforming 

Imagine that you are sitting in an airport waiting for your flight. The airport is busy and you are at that low ebb in the day where you are looking for any external stimulus to get you through the boredom. You look around in the hope of seeing something entertaining and you notice two pilots walking down the concourse in the general direction of the boarding gates where you are waiting.  They walk side by […]
Humantelligence, The Culture Solution

The Power of AI in Recruitment and Culture Adoption

DID YOU KNOW? Recruiters lose an average of 14 hours per week to manually sourcing and screening candidates. -G2 Tech Marketplace   [ This part of a series that can be viewed in full at on our Youtube channel, HERE. ]   There is a better way, but it’s not as simple as pushing a button to automate every system involved in candidate sourcing and screening. With the ever-growing need to remain relevant, and also attract top talent, […]
Future of Culture Article Humantelligence

The Future of Culture Article

The Future of Culture   Where is culture headed, and how can you stay on top of shifting employee needs? Learn more in our latest article published by View the article below or download the full PDF to save and read later from the following link:   The Future of Culture With the advent of technology, culture is no longer a set of soft-skill descriptors. It is a dynamic, living embodiment of how the […]
Humantelligence helps businesses know their culture

5 Reasons Why Building Culture is Worth the Investment

Although understanding and improving company culture is gaining traction in the Human Resources and Talent/Recruitment spaces, there is still a reluctance among businesses when it’s time to fully invest in the concept. This is due to many factors, most of which we are well-versed in as a Culture Software pioneer and leader in the HR space. From misconceptions surrounding culture to budget allocations, there will always be a perceived reason why corporate culture, simply isn’t a priority. In […]

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