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Creating Great Corporate Cultures

We can all agree that culture is important, but are you understanding your companies culture and subcultures correctly? Acknowledging that culture is important isn’t enough, measuring and keeping tabs on it is how results are created. The act of measuring culture actually turns out to be pretty tricky as fewer than 23% of organizations measure the culture of specific teams or departments and only 16% of organizations measure the differences between those teams and the […]
7 Steps to re-establish culture and ramp up hiring post COVID-19

Recruiting Past COVID-19: 7 Steps to re-establish a high performing culture and ramp up hiring

As the economy opens back up in the aftermath of COVID-19, organizations need to embark on their post pandemic strategies for recruiting in a new world – possibly even remote for some roles. Humantelligence is helping clients to do this, and educating others on how to better understand their current cultures, set target cultures based on objective performance profiles, or for remote worker profiles, and use technology to help attract and identify people who will thrive […]
Creating Great Corporate Cultures White Paper

Downloadable White Paper in Partnership with

Exclusive Humantelligence and research  A strong company culture is vital for a successful organization. But, developing this solid culture is no small task. Do you have a positive culture within your organization? If not, how do you create one? Once you do, can you successfully measure and manage it? To help answer the burning HR questions of today, Humantelligence, a leading provider of culture analytics and recruiting software partnered with, social networking, and news site for […]
Humantelligence vs. DISC and Myers-Briggs

Understanding DISC, Myers-Briggs, and the Humantelligence Difference

Because Humantelligence is a Culture Software provider, we often get asked about other, legacy tools that have been commonly used to assess candidates and promote or establish the corporate culture. Most of these inquiries include the DISC assessment or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test, two well-known options we cover in this brief overview.   In order to help you make the best choice for yourself, as well as your business, we’ve created a helpful cheat sheet that explains […]

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