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How HR can impact the Business thru Talent Analytics & AI for Recruiting for Best Fit

March 4, 2019

In this March 2019 keynote address (10 min) to the Human Capital Institute (HCI) “People Analytics” conference in Miami InterContinental Hotel, Humantelligence CEO Juan Betancourt explains how developments in technology matched with self-assessment personality tests are leading to HR getting a more powerful “seat at the C-suite table” whereby they now explain the “Why?” to the BI data analytics insights that come from within CFO function. HR is now finding out why teams, stores, manufacturing sites perform OR not, and how to improve that performance, profitability, or customer success, both through talent analytics and leveraging AI to recruit for best fit, with benchmarking of talent insights against applicants, 100% automated, saving time, money, and impacting the bottom line.

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