1. “Humantelligence® revolutionizes how individuals come together and work effectively in high performance teams. No boring questionnaires, no training seminars to send your people off to, and no 'motivational' consultants."

    Brad Dugdale VP, D.A.Davidson
  2. “WOW! Elegant and clean. So easy to use and navigate. Bravo!”

    Christina B. Director of Nursing Programs.
  3. “Fabulous! One of the most exciting things I've ever seen for any industry that relies on its employees as the front line to the customer.”

    Ed Rensi CEO Famous Dave's (former CEO of McDonald's)
  4. “The Humantelligence® platform facilitates personal and organizational transformation. It's the only technology platform that truly gives you insight into who you are at a deep level, and makes it easy to share yourself with the people you work and play with."

    Rafe Furst SVP, Crowdfunder.com
  5. “I'm sold on Humantelligence's idea of Understand-Communicate-Connect."

    Raj Rawal CEO, SF Mango Investments (Former CIO Burger King)

Companies that have benefited from Humantelligence®

  1. Companies that use Humantelligence® span the globe and all depend on great employees to thrive.

  2. Companies that use Humantelligence® experience phenomenal voluntary adoption rates and transformational results.