Vladimir Vivas

Design Director

Success Statement

I am motivated by Uniqueness and Service, I work in Freeform and Outgoing ways, and my ideal work allows for New Solutions and Variety.

Why did I join Humantelligence?

I joined Humantelligence because I can fulfill my dream of working in a place where I can actually make a difference in the world. From the beginning, I fell in love with where the company was heading and I didn't hesitate to dive in. Humantelligence is a God-given opportunity for growing, continuous learning and for making a positive impact in my country of Colombia.

More about Vladimir

Vlad is in charge of design for Humantelligence. He creates the UI and UX of Humantelligence products and is responsible for ensuring an awesome user experience across a variety of environments. As part of his role, Vlad works closely with Humantelligence partners to better understand our client and end-user needs.

Vlad has dedicated his career to web applications, from sketch to design to code. He has worked for different agencies in Colombia, Argentina and the United States. It was in Buenos Aires where he started to dig deeper into the web design universe and became a world-class web developer. Prior to Humantelligence, Vlad led the online presence and marketing for the most important jewelry retail company in Colombia, Kevin’s Jewelers.

Vlad is a graphic designer from Lasalle College Bogotá and a Web Programmer from ImageCampus Buenos Aires, Argentina and an UX Analyst Masters from the IEBS School from Spain

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