Jim McGinley

Sales Partner

Success Statement

I am motivated by Knowledge and Self Reliance, I work in Freeform and Steady ways, and my ideal work allows for New Solutions and Working with Facts.

Why did I join Humantelligence?

What I have found fascinating and why I joined HumanTelligence is the platform’s ability to provide a major break-through for the development of high performance teams within an organization. Not only does HumanTelligence remove the subjectivity out of the hiring process but in addition, enables organizations to understand their culture, their people and take actions based on scientific knowledge to improve their overall performance. The data analytics embedded in this powerful platform provides an organization numerous tools and benefits at a very low-cost to continually improve employee engagement, employee development, team performance, and management effectiveness. The advantages translate to a more efficient hiring process, a reduction in turnover, a more engaged workforce and an improved bottom line.

More about Jim

Jim Is Vice President of Sales for HumanTelligence. Jim’s focus is on introducing HumanTelligence to Corporations on how to improve their hiring process and employee/team performance. Recently, Jim has been working on clean energy and is involved with commercial solar in Southern California. Jim has over twenty years of experience at Methode Electronics including leading the successful IPO of Stratos Lightwave. Jim has a unique expertise in synergistically developing management teams, growth strategies, sales organizations, manufacturing operations strategic partnerships and world class R&D teams. Jim is an accomplished people oriented leader and mentor.

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